Amby Balaji
Technical Skills
Languages:JavaScript, PHP/Hack, CSS, HTML, Python, C++, Dlang, Golang, Scala, Java, Rust, SQL
Frameworks:React, Relay, Apollo, Redux, MobX, Vue, Vuex, Nuxt, Express, Flask, Qt, KDE
Tools:Webpack, CMake, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Arch Linux, Arduino, Docker, AWS, Heroku
Work Experience
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Dec 2019–Present
  • Building a living-room-like shared experience bringing together distant friends and family
  • 1400+ registered users with 40+ paying subscribers
Front End Engineering Intern
May-Aug 2019
  • Worked on a new React/Relay/Redux/Hack-based messaging platform aimed at gamers and streamers
  • Built a "Report message" feature, with Relay/GraphQL subscriptions to notify admins to take action
  • Implemented React Router support and refactored core application logic for compatibility with the same
Full-Stack Software Engineer
Aug–Dec 2018
  • Worked on PostgreSQL/Flask Dockerized microservices and GraphQL/React/Node.js based web apps
  • Created Apollo mutations, backend routes, and AWS SNS integrations for a message broadcasting service
  • Migrated components to reusable packages and reduced client JavaScript bundle size by several megabytes
Junior Software Engineering Instructor/TA
Jan–May 2018
  • Taught the basics of Full Stack Web development to aspiring students with no prior coding background
  • Made tutorials for a MongoDB/Express/React/Node.js stack, unit testing, React Native, and web security
  • Built curriculum for a deep-dive compilers course covering lexical and semantic analysis, and parsing
Software Developer
May–Aug 2017
  • Worked on a MongoDB/Koa/React-Redux/Node.js-based internal project management and staffing app
  • Increased Jest test coverage, fixed performance bottlenecks in Reselect selectors and in CI/CD pipelines
Sep 2018
  • Made a Babel plugin that statically optimizes lodash/get for up to a 12,000% boost in execution speed
  • Built an ASL translator that helps hearing and speech impaired better communicate with others
Open source contributions
C++, Qt, JavaScript, Go
University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE)
Sep 2016–Apr 2021 (expected)
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